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    Fifth Avenue and Rodeo Drive; two of the most high-end, label full, design house filled streets in the United States. They are also the name of this fashion blog... Fifth & Rodeo. city living.fashion. beauty. classy. summer. life. books. food. make-up. hair.
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Social Media

Now I know what you are thinking, what on earth does fashion have to do with social media. Now lets start with what exactly social media is; all it is a website that is used by a large group of people. When most people say social media you usually think about twitter, facebook, tumblr, or … Continue reading

Being Preppy

As I am writing this I am scrolling down my Pinterest feed to see what everyone is pinning and all I can say is preppy is in. If a store isn’t preppy they are trying to be and for those few lucky stores that are considered “preppy” well they’re just loving life now. All I … Continue reading

Holiday Wear

I know its a little late for most ideas of what to wear for Christmas parties but I still of course have my input. My favorite are something of the metallic variety(my favorite is gold) and of course any Christmas colors. Now I know most people don’t really want to wear a candy apple red … Continue reading

The Simplest Tip of All

Make sure to get your beauty sleep!

I Have Always Loved Cucumbers

Putting cold cucuumbers on your eyes can releive stress and reduce puffiness.

How to Live Scar Free

Don’t pick at scabs or pimples as they may leave a scar.

Beautiful Skin…

Drink lots of water for beautiful smooth skin.

Easy Way To Ge Rid Of Dark Under Eye Circles

Tweeze your eyebrows so they are straighter which will break the full circle effect that arched eyebrows give and bring less atention to under eye circles. From:http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/gallery/best-beauty-tips-ever-heard/p70942/page9

How To Make Your Eyes Pop

Instead of using black or brown eyeliner use a dark purple. Apply on top lash line. It will make your eyes pop and nobody will even know it is purple! From:http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/gallery/best-beauty-tips-ever-heard/p70932/page8

How to Get a Perfect Foundation Match

When trying out foundation colors never try it on your hand try it right on your face so you’ll get a better color match.

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